As someone who has deep respect for the high arts, art museums and artists, Baryn Futa takes time every April to recognize World Art Day — and he hope you will do the same. Celebrated every April 15, World Art Day strives to raise global attention to the outstanding works of artists from around the world. The specific day is Leonardo Da Vinci’s birthday and was chosen for this strong connection to a renowned global artist. The International Association of Art established World Art Day in 2012 following recommendations and propositions that such an honorary occasion be created which celebrates the fine arts and promotes similar creative endeavors.

Futa, an art benefactor and fine arts appreciator, annually honors this day and encourages others who truly love art to honor it as well. The appreciation for the arts runs deep throughout today’s society and the history of humanity. This is an appreciation that Futa holds and many others do, too; an appreciation that translates into financial support of the arts and aiding the development and growth of the arts. And while World Art Day provides a beautiful opportunity to recognize the importance of the arts, benefactors like Baryn Futa hope that others can find a similar appreciation that will allow that love to thrive year-round.

World Arts Day is April 15, but other artful holidays include National Art Day on Oct. 28, Go To An Art Museum Day on Nov. 9 and American Artist Appreciation Month in August.